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Friday, June 14, 2013

My Big Fat Running Commentary! - Updated News, Thoughts, Opinions & Observations

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>July 4, 2015 - Its been sometime since I've kept up with this blog.  After starting my Crusade for the Chimps, I got behind on many things blog-wise, and have found it easier to post the Birthdays and other Animal related photos/videos/news to the Facebook Group.  So, for now, I'm going to just be concentrating on keeping up to date in these four places:

San Francisco Zoo Animal Friends - Facebook Group

San Francisco Zoo Chimp Updates - Facebook Group

Save San Francisco Zoo Chimps - blog

I Am Not An Anteater - blog

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>March 23, 2015 - Unfortunately I didn't get to these on individual timely posts.  Recognizing Zoo Friend Birthdays is something important to me and I feel bad that too many other things have crowded my mind these days. 
1/2002- Trent/River Otter
13/2008 - Chalula/Navajo Churro Sheep
13/2008 - Mole/Navajo Churro Sheep
15/2005 - Salsa/Navajo Churro Sheep
16/1980- Boomer/Emu

Happy 13th Birthday Trent!

 Happy 7th Birthday Chalula!

 Happy 7th Birthday Mole!

Happy 10th Birthday Salsa!

Happy 35th Birthday Boomer!

Remember to visit the Zoo Friend 
Facebook Group to learn more about them!

>March 20, 2015 - Babie is Four Days Old!

>March 18, 2015 - Saw Baya and her Two Day Old Babie today!  

>March 17, 2015 - Happy St. Patricks Day!  

>March 16, 2015 - Zoo Friend Birth Today!  Congratulations to Baya and Benjamin, parents to the  new Howler Monkey Babie!  

>March 15, 2015 - Apologies for no entries in too long!  I have been posting exclusively on my Chimp blog.  Lots of work to be done there.  If you haven't followed the story since my last post about it, we won!  Chimps are Staying!  Please visit the blog and get all the updates.  Thank you!

>February 7, 2015 - Today is the last day to vote for names of the GrandCubbies of our Sukari .  They are the babies of Mfisha and live at the Omaha Zoo.  Follow this link for contest and photos.

screen cap from omaha zoo site

>February 1, 2015 - Apologies for no updates here in over two months.  Just got internet up at home so hope to catch up and be more consistent. ... Right now my attention is on the newest San Francisco Zoo situation that is, Director Tanya Peterson is Kicking Out the Senior Chimps!   The Chimps are one of my favs and have been a Passion Point for me for years.  


A couple weeks ago I caught up posting to my Anteater blog all the posts I had been writing in regard to the Gorilla Tragedy.  Then I posted three posts about the Chimps that had been in the works for some time.  The week after that (last week) I found out information in regard to them being booted out.   Please visit that blog for extended posts/information on both the Gorillas and now the Chimps.

I have also started a dedicated blog and Facebook Group for my Save San Francisco Zoo Chimps project.  It is time sensitive since they are set to move in less than two months.  Please support both sites and share.

I had been keeping notes on other items to post to this blog, but my brain is so overfull that I'm not sure I can find my notes right now, so I'll post them as I remember today, in no particular chronological order.

Missed January Birthdays!
January 11 - Happy 4th Birthday Rosa!  - San Clemente Island Goat

February Birthdays!
February 4 - Happy 7th Birthday Nataani! - Navajo Churro Sheep
February 5 - Happy 25th Birthday Nikos! - Minature Donkey
February 6 - Happy 13th Birthday Hercules! - Great Hornbill
February 6 - Happy 1st Birthday Sarah! - Giraffe
February 7 - Happy 12th Birthday Chipotle! - Navajo Churro Sheep
February 7 - Happy 12th Birthday Jahari! - African Lion
February 14 - Happy 16th Birthday Hazel/Jacob Sheep

Welcome Home Ghurka! - Male Snow Leopard Ghurka was born at the San Francisco Zoo Feline Conservation Center to our beloved Ming Wah.  Seeing him again last week, he has matured to look so much like his Mama.  He was transferred to the Providence Zoo in 2008 and came back to us via the Cleveland Zoo.  Hopefully he is here to stay!  AND that the Zoo does not rename him, considering they gave him this name.  Ghurka will turn 15 on May 9th!

>November 28, 2014 - This entry will have multiple items.  Since the death of Kabibe I have been exclusively posting about this tragedy, as the news out of the Zoo is ridiculous.  Its been inconsistent, curious, and questionable.  If you're interested in my opinions, thoughts, and facts, please take a look there.  My internet at home has been down for a week, so while I am still writing, I haven't been able to post for that time frame.  Hopefully by next week.

Prior to this tragedy, I had missed a few things since the end of Oct.  I want to mention them before too much time passes, but since I'm not on my computer, I don't have photos to go with them.

Missed Birthdays!  -  Happy Birthday to these wonderful Zoo Friends who turned another year!
October 26 - Happy 16th Birthday Angelo! - Anteater
October 30 - Happy 13th Birthday Snickers! - Nigerian Dwarf Goat
October 31 - Happy 11th Birthday Wasabi! - Rooster
November 24 - Happy 8th Birthday Taymor! - Sumatran Tiger
November 25 - Happy 32nd Birthday Pike! - Polar Bear

Also turning 1 year old in November, one of our new Agouti Girls!  I still haven't had time to introduce them, even though I have some cute footage and pix of them from their first day out!  These two girls are Sisters, six months apart in age :)  .. You can view them in the Bird Aviary across from the Chimps.  They are in the second to last cage, next to Hercules the Great Hornbill.  Zoo has not given hem a sign yet, even though they have been there for near three months.  Go figure.

Also new to the Zoo, two Pudu Sisters :)  I don't know much about them yet, as they are really new, just out last week I think.

Three new births!  Kudu and Bongo calfs, and a Francios Langur (Monkey) babe!  All adorable of course :)  Photos of everyone to come!

I also missed Grandparents Day quite awhile ago.  I just ran out of time, even though I had pulled photos for it.  Happy belated Grandparents to all our wonderful Zoo Friends who have provided us with not only babies, but grand babies, whether at our Zoo or another.   ... (in no particular order)  Rigel, Skylar, Sukari, Elly, Bawang, Bititi, and Ramona.  Hope I didn't forget anyone!  

Wonderful news from Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo!  On November 21st, their female Lioness Ahadi, gave birth to three Cubs :)  Making our Sukari a Grandmother yet again!  Both her Girls, Ahadi and Mfisha, live at OHDZ along with our Amanzi's Brother Big, who is all the grand babies papa!  This new litter had a big surprise, as one of the cutlets is white!  White Lions are rare, and while surprising as in unexpected, I was not surprised to hear this.  When I first met Sukari, I thought she was very light in color, much like a Mountain Lion.  So, she must have a light colored gene, that got passed to her grandbabie.  All the Cubs are beauties, you can see them here:

As noted here many months ago, our precious Cobby will be featured in a new Documentary!  The Filmmakers came from Australia in early November to finally meet their star :)  Please check out the Facebook Page for the Film and share.  This will be a must see for anyone who loves our Zoo Chimps.  As well, it will be a great education about Chimps in Entertainment and their plight in the Pet Trade. For those who don't know, our Cobby before being surrendered to the Zoo, worked in entertainment and had his own TV Show that aired in the 60s in Australia.   The film will follow the journey of the Filmmaker as she searched for her childhood TV Friend Cobby and learned along the way more about the lives of Chimpanzees in Entertainment.

>November 9, 2014 - I have not been posting about the passing of Zoo Friends for some time now, because its just too sad.  Right now on top of being sad, I'm heartbroken and pissed. I post today because of the tragic circumstances that surround the news of Kabibe's death.  Media has already taken hold of the story.  I will post my opinions and questions (already written) to my other blog at the end of the day. til then, all I have to say is RIP Sweet Girl and Bless your Family.

 Kabibe with Grandma Bawang

Kabibe with Brother Hasani

>October 25, 2014 - Didn't have time for a full on blog post review of Boo Zoo Day One, but had to upload this Chimp footage straight away, as it was the cutest interaction ever!  I love my Chimp Friends :)  Then put this photo together last night for my Mama when the game took a turn.  Checked Zoo's page and no photos of Animals having fun were posted??? :(  They seriously need someone better running the FB Page. .. That all said, my preliminary review is some Enrichments were Great, others were a Fail. Big Fail goes to them handing out Candy with Palm Oil!  So much for Conservation and Education!  Another Big Fail, during Rhino Enrichment, kids standing on the barrier and hanging over it, while a Keeper stood right there. More soon I hope! Off to Day Two.  

Cutest Chimp Video Ever!

>October 24, 2014 - UG.  Just checked the Zoo site to see if they posted a schedule for the Enrichment treats.  I'm already irritated lol!  Note To Zoo:  People come to this Event to see the Animals get Treats.  Why??? Do you schedule two Animals at the same time?  And per usual still putting ones at consecutive times on far sides from each other.  I can see that there would not be time to do all of them, if not timed closer together, but the exact time?  and the ones close together not even close location wise.  Grizzly Bears, Rhinos, oh excuse me Rhino (Does that mean Elly gets slighted again?) and Coati, all three at completely different areas of the Zoo.  Just Lame.  Begs the question whether its solely a lame move or a calculated one to get people to come both days?  That wouldn't be fair to non-Members.

>October 24, 2014 - After a year, its here.  My Boo at the Zoo Review from 2013.   You can read it on the anteater blog.  Here's the collage of all the wonderful fun I captured :)  ... Crossing my fingers for tomorrow!

>October 24, 2014 - In an attempt to finish a blog post from last year, I found this photo:

Why do people like this come to the Zoo?  Seriously, I've seen people with a Gun, a Hunting Knife, Fur Coats, and this Ahole with a Raccoon Tail keychain.  WTF is wrong with people?  I know shit like this is out there, but it still amazes me to see such disrespect from people visiting a place where Animals live.

>October 22, 2014 - We all know I'm way behind in posting stuff.  This is one I had in the queue.  Posted to the Zoo's Facebook page last week, this really pissed me off.

I was about to copy and paste my comment here, but apparently the Zoo took down this post.  So here's a magnified Cap:

The Zoo Management and Upper Staff continue to make rude and disrespectful comments about the Animals.  I for one am sick of it.  The San Francisco Zoological Society, SF Rec and Park and whoever else has the authority, should be cleaning house there and getting people in there who care about the Animals and the Zoo, instead of continuing to run out good people who do care.  With that I'm referring to the recent exit by longtime Animal Staffer Penguin Keeper Anthony Brown.

>October 21, 2014 - San Francisco Zoo makes bet with Kansas City Zoo in regard to Baseball's World Series.  .... I sure hope the Giants win the whole thing, so I don't have to see this! ... "Top officials of the San Francisco Zoo will stand in front of their lion exhibit with signs that say, “The Royals won and we’re swallowing our pride,” if the Royals win their World Series showdown with the Giants".  More Stupid and Disrespectful words from our Zoo Management. Swallow Pride, as in Lions? Makes no real sense and pisses me off.  Especially in light of the Lion Meat issue.  Why are they the most Un-creative and Ridiculous group of Humans?   Why do they Fumble everything?

>October 10, 2014 - Welcome Little Seis!  The Sixth and final Flamingo Egg hatched today!  I haven't been able to see this babie yet, but will post photos as soon as I have them!   I can't wait to see it!

>October 8, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 3rd Birthday Handsome Falcor!
(gosh I just love this little guy :)

>October 3, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 6th Birthday to the Lovely Miss Willow!

>September 23, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 16th Birthday Nneka!

>September 22, 2014 - Happy World Rhino Day! ... From Elly, Belozi, and Gauhati!

>September 20, 2014 - Happy International Red Panda Day!  .. From Grace and Kodari :)

>September 19, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays!  Realized I didn't post these.  That makes me feel bad.  A Big Happy Belated to these Ladies! 

Happy 11th Birthday Lily!

Happy 3rd Birthday Amani!

Happy 33rd Birthday Zura!

>September 19, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 7th Birthday Jesse!

>September 15, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 9th Birthday Tiki and Kai!

>September 14, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 9th Birthday Razzleberry!

>September 14, 2014 -  I am a Lucky girl!  Still a small pip hole in the fourth egg at the time the Zoo opened.  I had to leave and do a few things.  Got back as fast as I could and this babie must have been waiting for me too :)  Within five minutes, a crack opened up on opposite side of the pip hole and the Chick started to emerge!  So Incredible to see the whole Hatching!  No worries for you all, I got it all on Video to share!  My fav part is the newborn footies in the air :)

>September 13, 2014 - Surprise, Surprise!  I was lucky to be there to see the end stages of the Third Chick Hatching today!  This was quik!  Unless a pip hole was started but unseen yesterday, this little one pip'd and then broke out all within a few hours!  

My Video of the Event :)

>September 12, 2014 - There's now a sign at Chick Viewing. Huh :)  Only has Hatch Dates, works for now since both Chicks are off Nests, but there will be more soon! I still think a more informative sign would be good.  

I actually calculated a new one pipping today, but from what I observed didn't see and holes and another consistent observer said not for about ten days ???   .. Got this cute pic of Chick One being fed, Chick Two resting behind it :)  

>September 8, 2014 - Guide to Chick Viewing.  FYI ... for those interested, this is an overview of the Nests.  

>September 7, 2014 - Happy GrandParents Day!   I wanted to do a new photo but didn't get to it. Will try to put my photo vision together sometime this week.  This is from last year.  Congrats to Elly, Sukari, Bawang, Ramona, Rigel and Bititi for your contribution to a third generation of your species!

>September 7, 2014 - Welcome Chick Number Two!  The Second Egg Hatched yesterday morning! We now have two Flamingo Chicks :)  Here's a few photos I took.  One of the two Mama's and Babies :)  Newborn is in the front.  Also one of Newborn being fed, and the Eight Day Old Chick, who is standing now!  

>September 4, 2014 - Still no sign at the Flamingos.  Curious that the Zoo would not put up a sign on the barriers, letting people know there is a Chick and where to view it.  But, they are never "user" friendly and geared toward letting Visitors in on much.  Would be beneficial to all.  Everyone I talked to and pointed the Chick out to were very excited to see the little one!

>September 2, 2014 - Puente Run ... Video from a few days ago.  New Residents, Crackle the young Male Capybara and a Male/Female pair of Guanaco's, are all trying to find their place on the Puente, where they will live with current Residents, a M/F pair of Rhea's, and the Female Giant Anteater, Evita.  Here's a bit of the mix-it-up thats been happening.  Poor Crackle ends up running to the ditch and being held hostage there.

>September 1, 2014 - Happy International Primate Day!

Family photo :)
Mama Winnie, 
Babie Patas Monkey,
and Auntie Ginger

>August 30, 2014 - After a long busy Saturday, Babie Calf sits in the afternoon sun, while all the other Giraffes, including his Mama are in the barn eating. ... You can see how thick and fluffy his fur is :) ... Yet to be officially named, I was at first calling him Elvis, but now see in him another name that might be more fitting.  My first thought was immediately CAR... something, but then Elvis came to mind, and when I learned he was a Twin I thought it perfect. Now, the more I look at him, I think he may be a Carlo.  In honor of our recently passed Lady Giraffe Carolina.

>August 30, 2014 - Finally!  We have a Chick!  Estimate hatch time mid morning :)  Its been a long week on Pip watch, but so worth getting to see this little one in the first hours of life :)  Here's my fav first photos.  Chick is about 6 hrs old here :)  Congrats to White 59 and Green 39!  And Keeper Tom!   
Chick, Mama, and Papa :)

Little One, checking its surroundings :)

>August 29, 2014 - Wolverines were given Ice Enrichment and it made me think of all the "challenges" being networked. ... I think this is the female Kiwi, but could be wrong.  They can be ID'd by their tails. Hers is shorter.  But, if they aren't together ... :)  I think its her.

Watch the Video :)

>August 29, 2014 - Well, no Chick news BUT Giraffe Calf news!  I suspected Bititi was pregnant at the time Willow gave birth, but then so many months passed I forgot.  Then today, SUPRISE!  There he was.  So Cute!  Smallest I've seen, and with thick fur, looks like a plush toy.  Adorable.  Sadly, he had a Twin Brother that didn't make it.  I feel awful for Bititi and for this little one. Her carrying him and the siblings developing side by side.  14 months.  It breaks my heart and makes me tear up, so I'm trying not to think about it.  Bless his little Soul.  
I'm calling the new Babie, Elvis. 
 Here's my debut Video of all his cuteness :)  

>August 28, 2014 - Apologies for late news.  I've been checking the Flamingo Eggs all this week, as expected first Pip date was imminent!   Pip started yesterday am!  Hoping for a Chick sighting this morning!  OR a hatching in front of me :)   ... See my video of the Pip hole and the Chicks beak poking out!  Sooo Cute!

>August 20, 2014 - Guanaco's are here!  Lucky me, they came out of Quarantine this morning and I was there soon after!  They are cute!  ..

the little boy is in the front,
his future lady is a bit older than him :)

View my video

>August 18, 2014 - Its World Orangutan Day! I challenge all to pick 1 item at the market containing Palm Oil & complain to the Manager, not to support that product or the company who makes it. If you can't go out to a store today, find an item online and post to a Facebook Page, send an email, or make a call.  Please Share and let's try to send a message today!

Rusty lived at the San Francisco Zoo.  Look at him and accept this challenge in his honor and help save the lives of his species.

>August 16, 2014 - Flamingo Nesting News!   As of today, there are now Eight Nests and Ten Eggs!  One Egg is in the incubator and One Nest has Two Eggs!  < That is the Big News!  Keeper Tom said this is pretty much "unheard of"!  I did some research and read that less than 1% will lay a second Egg.

If you look at the Nest behind the one with the Two Eggs, you will see how the "nest mounds" start out low.  Even after the Egg is laid, the Parents continue to build the Nest up.  They add soil to the bottom and sides and the Nest builds up from bottom!  

>August 10, 2014 - Happy World Lion Day!  I have two photo's to celebrate this Awareness Day.  I also have a long blog post swirling in my head that will have to wait.  Please take a moment at some point to read abit about the plight of Lions.

>August 8, 2014 - I do not visit the Zoo's Facebook page often, but do check it once a week or so to see what the are posting.  FYI they still haven't posted to the awesome news of the Flamingo Eggs?  ... I saw this and was immediately pissed.  

In my opinion its pretty irresponsible to "Like" that person's Comment, "I got to hold a baby lion cub at the MGM Grand and have a beautiful picture!!!"  AND not reply with an educated reason WHY Big Cat Cub Photo Ops are not good.  Especially on a post about Lion Day, which is supposed to be an Awareness Day about the plight of Lions.  UG!  Big FAIL!  ... Admittedly I used to think it would be a great opportunity.  Used to was many year ago, before I learned what happens to these Cubs. I always wondered where their Mothers were.  When I read more information, I learned what I feared and more.  The Zoo as an Animal facility should have Staff that know better.

Read more about why Cub Petting (Photo) Ops are not a good thing.

>August 6, 2014 - Five Flamingo Eggs now!  I knew those chatty's over the first egg had Egg Envy!  ... Got this clip yesterday.  ... One Egg fell out of the nest and Keeper Tom rushed in to put it back in place :)  Then all the Birds came over to check their nests :)

>August 5, 2014 - AND right next to the Flamingo Nest, Seven brand new Mallard Ducklings!  I see alot of Ducklings every season and these are the smallest I've ever seen.  Their heads looked about the size of dimes.  Definitely born today :)  So Cute!  ..  Didn't have a proper camera, but took this with my cell.

>August 5, 2014 - Whoo Hoo!  And we got an Egg!  The Flamingos have not laid Eggs for the past three seasons.  Keeper Tom has been working the soil in an effort to encourage them to build Nests and lay Eggs.  Looks like it worked!  I saw an Egg today that wasn't there late last week.  I was told it was laid within the past few days, so in about four weeks we should have at least one Chick!  

They were all standing around it and talkin'!

First Chick of the season 2010 photos here: 

>August 2, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 16th Birthday Erik!

>August 1, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 14th Birthday Shastyuh!

>July 31, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays Today!

Happy 6th Birthday Belozi!

Happy 33rd Birthday Jonesy!

>July 29, 2014 - Happy International Tiger Day!  Here is my Friend, the Lovely Miss Shastyuh! .. Please visit to learn more about the plight of Tigers in the wild. These beautiful beings are on the brink of extinction in our lifetime.

>July 26, 2014 - Penguin Parade Today!  The Cuteness of these Little Fluffs is always a Joy! Ricky was named by member drawing. Not sure how Norman and Rupert got their names. Little Girl will probably be auctioned off?, so I named her what my entry was last year, so she had a name in the photo :)

You can view my Video clip here:

>July 24, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 6th Birthday Lulu!

>July 22, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 15th Birthday Pokemon!

I really miss this Zoo Friend.  The Zoo has kept Precious Pokemon off exhibit for many years now.  I last saw him over 3 years ago :(  .. You can visit my other blog and search Pokemon to read more about him.  

>July 17, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today! 

Happy 1st Birthday Kabibe!

>July 13, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays Today!

Happy 34th Birthday Bawang!

Happy 20th Birthday Slash!

>July 10, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays Today!

Happy 56th Birthday Cobby!

Happy 11th Birthday Skylar!

>June 27, 2014 - Zoo Friend Paddy in the News! 

website screen shot

>June 23, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 12th Birthday Sukari!

Was able to be there today to wish Suki a Happy Birthday :)   She and her pride-mates were napping in the sun,  A lovely way to spend the day :)  

>June 15, 2014 - Happy Fathers Day to all my Zoo Friend Dads!  Wish I had all the photos on this and I'm also probably missing some.  They are all Special!

>June 14, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 11th Birthday Goldie!

>June 11, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 12th Birthday Sammy!

>June 10, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 13th Birthday Paddy!

>June 8, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 1st Birthday Kodari!

>June 2, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 5th Birthday Bronevik!

>May 31, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays Today!

Happy 14th Birthday Siesta!

Happy 13th Birthday Papy!

Happy 13th Birthday Nutmeg!

Remembering Paprika and Nutmeg's Brother
Spice Kid Basil!  Miss You My Precious Friend!

>May 28, 2014 - Interesting!  The Zoo Gave Gauhati Birthday Treats!  Can You Believe It?

>May 25, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 19th Birthday Gauhati!

>May 24, 2014 - Zoo Grandbabies!  News from London Zoo, Tiger Cubbies have Names!  The Zoo has thoughtfully named the Three Cubs, whose Papa Jae-Jae is our Skylar/"Leanne"s Son with her former mate Bali.  Cub's Mama Melati was sent to London Zoo from Australia (If I remember right), as a perfect match for Jae-Jae :)  ... View the naming video and see these Beautiful additions to the Sumatran Species!

>May 23, 2014 - I was wrong when I previously posted that there were Three signs at the Red Panda, there are EIGHT!  AND NONE note anything about behavior, especially at the too low windows.  Four Signs are you enter the area and another four inside, including two on the glass.  I was there for less than five minutes and people were knocking on the glass, one kid repeatedly kept backing up and running into the glass, ramming his reflection while his Mother sat there smiling at him. Again why can't we get anti-reflective glass?  Sorry I digressed. SO, SFZoo, Why are there no signs on the glass here or at any of the exhibits stating not to Bang, Rap, Tap, Kick, ect the glass at these Animals Homes?  Been questioning this for years now.

>May 23, 2014 - Female Red Panda in quarantine!  I've known about this for a couple weeks, but haven't had time to fully research her and post.  Her name is Grace and she came from the Boise Zoo. She and her mate Tiki had Two Cubs there, who have now gone on to live at other Zoos.  So, here she will not be breeding, but here for companionship with Kodari/"Tenzing".  So, there will soon be double the cuteness at this new enclosure :)

>May 22, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 1st Birthday Erin!

>May 21, 2014 - And it starts already.   Visitors breaching barriers at the new Red Panda enclosure. What is wrong with people?  What is wrong with the Zoo?  Why do they continue to make bad decisions in regard to the barriers at the Animals homes?  When I saw the constructing this exhibit, I thought the height of the glass was too short, then when I got up close, its definitely too short!  Its not even Six ft.  and there is no "stand back" barrier in front of it.   I just don't get it.  ... As well they got about three big colorful signs around the exhibit area and some smaller ones actually on the glass, yet not a one notes anything about barrier behavior.

Note to Visitors:  The view is the same through the glass as it is over the glass.  DUH!  To me when Visitors hang on/over barriers, its like home invasion.  Think about how the Animal feels People. You want People hanging in the windows of your home?  

>May 21, 2014 - Visited the cuteness that is the Sloth :)  When I saw him for the first time last week, one of the Curators was there and I asked if the mixed Species in this enclosure have been done before and he said yes.  I have thought this enclosure was too small to house the Anaconda and Toucan, and now with the Sloth it really seemed cramped to me.  The Toucan is the only one that probably NEEDS the extra space, as he's very active and flight is probably stunted.  Those observations made, while watching them today, the Sloth leaned over as if to say Hi to the Toucan and the Toucan bit him in the Face!  It was awful to see.  Poor Sloth, seems like such a sweet and gentle Animal.  His Face around his Eyes looked a bit red afterward, which I confirmed when I got home by looking at photos from last week and today.  I asked Security to alert the Keeper to this, so I sure hope they are monitoring the situation.

>May 18, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 11th Birthday Tucker!

>May 16, 2014 - Meet New Zoo Friends!  Please view my blog post on my other blog, much cuteness happening at the Zoo!  Toucan - Black Howler Monkey - Sloth

>May 11, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 11th Birthday Bititi!

>May 10, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 12th Birthday Inti!

>May 7, 2014 - Yesterday, the Farm Celebrated Three Zoo Friend Birthdays!  

Minature Donkey Clint had Cake with his Papa Nikos :)  
This video makes me smile so much, I love how they are singing too and then give each other kisses! LOVE! ... I didn't know about Clint's Birthday til yesterday, so I just posted his photo.  Scroll down to May 4th to see him in his Party Hat! :)

San Clemente Goat Twins shared their Cakes with their Grandma Ramona :)

>May 6, 2014 - Meet Kodari!

I was lucky enough to see him and all his super cuteness for the first time today!  They are still working on the outside of the exhibit area, but I could view him from the path.  You can see more of my photos and a video clip at the links below.  

As well learn more about him on my post on my other blog.  I try to write a post there, when I have enough information to post a good new Animal profile. Enjoy learning more about him :)

>May 5, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays Today!

Happy 1st Birthday Maverick & Dakoda!

>May 4, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 19th Birthday Clint!

>May 4, 2014 - International Respect Chicken Day!

This Awareness Day is to bring attention to the way Chickens used as Meat are kept.  It is promoted by Vegan Groups.  Myself I am neither Vegan or Vegetarian (Yet!)  I have never been a big meat eater, but have really cut down over the past few yrs, with very little Chicken being the only meat I now eat and I never eat anything off the bone.  But, thats just me.  Most of my give-up has been because of Animals I've met.  The Zoo Farm Turkeys are the sole reason I stopped eating Turkey.  The Zoo Farm Chickens are the reason I am on my way to completely cutting out Chicken. And, YES I do feel like hypocrite when I hang out with these awesome little Friends.   That said, please take a look at this link and Educate yourself on what these Animals go through.  Maybe make some changes in your intake.  

My Precious Little Farm Friends :)

>April 28, 2014 - New Patas Monkey Babie! 

Got to see the cute little thing today :)  This is the first Patas Babie I've ever seen!  Congratulations to Mama Winnie and Papa Patrick, your little one is lovely :)

Video :)

>April 27,2014 - Happy World Tapir Day!

I used to love going to the Zoo and spending time with my Precious Friend Goober on this day that celebrates his species :)  I sure do miss him!   ... Please visit the World Tapir Day page on Facebook to learn more about all species of Tapir and check this link to learn about their plight.  Thankx!

>April 25, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays Today!

 Happy 45th Birthday Maggie!

Happy 44th Birthday Minnie!

>April 18, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 1st Birthday Shania & Brooks!

>April 17, 2014 - Sheep (and Alpaca) Shearing Day!  All Twelve Sheep and the Two Alpacas got their Summer Do's.  
You can view Gandolf and Merlin getting sheared 

Miss Mole!

>April 16, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 20th Birthday Rigel!

>April 14, 2014 - New Litter of Peccaries!  Twins!

>April 13, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 11th Birthday Poppy!

View her Party!

>April 8, 2014 - Saw the new Enclosure built in the Lion House as Temporary home for the Anaconda and new Toucan Acquisition.  Both will move to the Tropical Aviary when its renovation is complete.  I personally think the space is way to small for both.  The photo makes it appear bigger than it is.  I'll try to remember to estimate the measurements.

>April 7, 2014 - Saw Athena, the Eurasian Eagle Owl in one of the free flight Aviaries.  She was enjoying some pool-time!  This was a first!  

Read Athena's amazing story here!

>April 6, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 23rd Birth/Hatch Day Edna!

> April 4, 2014 - Coati Ladies Say Hello!
Took this cute video the other day of the Sisters Rosie and Maggie :)

> April 2, 2014 - Trash Update.  My original post to this blog about this issue was March 10. Synopsis, I saw a pile of plastic bags and coffee cups, beyond a barrier that borders the Lake where the Pelicans and other Waterfowl live.  I reported it several times and its never been picked-up. My primary concern was we were due to have high winds and if it got carried to the Lake it could pose a danger to the Animals.  As of yesterday, it was still there.  Ten Weeks later.  Each time I visit I make sure to check on the trash, because, although the weeds have now grown over the plastic and after so many rains the cups are beaten down and none of it poses a threat to the Animals, I'm just pissed at the lack of regard for the grounds.  Frankly, I'm surprised by the complete lack of follow through by the Staff I've reported this to, including Staffer Lamar, who I expressed my disgust to last week.  I know for fact that many Zoo Staff read my blogs, and not one person made sure this trash was picked up. 
That said, I am happy to report that someone finally cared.  After I took this photo, one Staffer came by and I told her about it and she went right over and picked it up herself.    She got in there, picked up the cups, and even searched the over grown weeds and gathered all the plastic bags that were still there. It was a huge pile of trash.  No passing the buck.  She did it because not only did she think my original concerns were valid, she cares about how the place she works at looks.  Thank you!

I've had many entries stored in Draft.  I apologize for not posting in a more timely manner.  Prepping Photos and catching up now! Time Traveling and posting a couple extras ;)   Thankx for checking in!

> March 30. 2014 - Tiger Tummy Tickles!  Silliness just because. 

> March 29, 2014 - Trash Update.  Good Grief, Seriously?  YES people, seriously!  The trash I reported over two months ago, was still there on my Visit this week.  Again, as I questioned in an earlier item, what's everyone so busy doing, that after telling several people, that pile of trash in the Pelicans Lake was still there. FAIL!

> March 28, 2014 - European Zoo Murders Continue. 

> March 26, 2014 - This one is for reader @Ellicruu ...  New Birds!  Well they have been streaming in for a few months now, but we FINALLY have signs for them all!  I just don't understand why it takes so long to get stuff done there. What's everyone so busy doing?  Seems like a whole lot of not much sometimes.  

Well, looks like I didn't upload the videos I had made.  Check back here (or on my youtube channel) and I will post the links.

> March 25, 2014 - Howler Monkey Update!  After losing her Papa, our Precious Bosco, in January, I hadn't seen Sweet Little Baya up and mobile since.   I was lucky to catch her enjoying some Yums :)  Thankfully I am told that the Zoo is planning to get her a mate, and one may have even already been found.  Let's hope.  It breaks my heart to see her alone.  Last year she lost her Mama.  Her Sister and Brother both went to other Zoos.  They were a very close Family, always seen cuddled together.  Hopefully her companion will arrive soon.  

> March 24, 2014 - Brown Pelicans out!  Not sure when this happened, but I just noticed it today!  I was wondering when they would be out, but kept looking in the Lake area where the American White Pelicans are. The Brown ones aren't there, but sharing the Lake area where the Eagles live.  Kudos to whoever built the perch, it looks nice!

> March 23, 2014 - Congratulations to Skylar/"Leanne", who became a Grandma again!  AND to Son Jae-Jae and his Mate Melati at the London Zoo.  Melati gave birth for the second time to a litter of three Cubs on February 3rd!  ... For some reason my notifications for London Zoo got turned off (when Facebook made one of their most welcomed changes) and I just read about this.

See the awesome video of Melati and the Cubs.

> March 21, 2014 - Bongos are here, but you wouldn't know it, they are never out :(   I happened to catch them within the first couple days, they are beautiful!  Since then, the Exhibit has been closed.  No one seems to have an answer as to why.  So see them here, because who knows when you will be able to see them in person.  Zoo should post an update, but I guess its another bit of info they keep under-wraps. 
The Male

The Female

> March 20, 2014 - Zoo Atlanta posted this photo and text to their FB page :)

"For our fans who don't remember Bahagia, she was the daughter of Sekayu and Jalal and was born in late 2000. The staff didn't know Sekayu was expecting, and one chilly night in November, they saw her out in the yard inspecting what appeared to be a small animal. That was Bahagia! Bahagia was cared for in a nursery at first -- she was very much a favorite here and as you can see from the photo below, has gone on to grow up and be a mom herself!"

SFZoo Connection: Bahagia now lives at the Sacramento Zoo.  She is the Mother of our Male Taymor/"Larry" :) , and the Grandmother of our Cub Jillian :)  

Another Relation at the Atlanta Zoo is our Skylar/"Leanne"'s Sister and Littermate lives there.  They have some great updates about her litter from 2011 on their awesome website.

> March 19, 2014 - Babie G comes face to face with her BFF! 

Please watch this space or my other blog for Link to my extended Savanna Update post.

> March 18, 2014 - Red Panda Update.  Below is a recent photo of the progress being made.  Note the cool Tree House!  It was added by Nelson Treehouse and Supply.  Owner Pete Nelson is of Treehouse Masters TV show.  One of my fav shows!  If you haven't seen it , check it out! ...  This Exhibit is going where the Wild Turkeys used to live.  They now live at the Family Farm.  ... The Red Pandas have not arrived yet, but will be a Male/Female pair with a Breeding Recommendation.

> March 17, 2014 - Happy St Patricks Day!

Please watch this space or my other blog for Link to my extended Patty's Day post.

> March 16, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 34th Birthday Boomer!

> March 15, 2014 - Churro Birthday Party! ... All three Churro Ladies got Cakes today, to Celebrate their Birthdays!  Mole and Chalula, Celebrated with their Mama Salsa and all their Friends!

Snickers tries to inspect the Cakes :)

View all the Fun in my Video

Thank you to the Family Farm Keepers 
for Recognizing and Celebrating
these Wonderful Zoo Friend Birthdays!

> March 15, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!
Happy 9th Birthday Salsa!

> March 14, 2014 - Well, lookie here, either the Zoo read it on my blog or went by the FB post by my friend Paddy (after I told her of the stupidity), but they have now changed the information to Pike.  Of course without apologizing and noting their "mistake".   No surprise there.  Its one thing to make a mistake and an entirely different thing to not admit to it.  Says alot about the kind of morals some Staff at the Zoo have.

Some might ask, why am I picking on this?  Why does it matter?  It matters because these are people who are lucky enough to have jobs at a place where they can be surrounded by these Wonderful Animals, yet they don't take the time to even know much about them, at the very least who they are as individuals.  Bottom line, too many people on staff at the Zoo, Just Don't Care.  I Care and I want the people there to Care.  TO DO BETTER.  The Animals deserve it, the Zoo deserves it.  To thrive at Optimum, not Mediocrity.

> March 13, 2014 - UG.  Looked at the Zoo's Facebook page and they posted this photo, which isn't even the right Animal mentioned in their post :P  ZooFoo's!  You ask what's a ZooFoo?  Its my own coin and is a combo/cross between Fools and a snafu!  .. This photo IS of Pike (Polar Bear)!  It always amazes me that the people who work at the Zoo, don't even know which Animal is which. Especially when you're job is posting photos.  There are only two Polar Bears, get it together people. I even herd one  of their photographers tell someone that Ulu was a "he"!  WTH!?!?!

           (screen-cap SFZoo FB page)        

> March 13, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays Today!

Navajo Churro Twin Sisters :)

 Happy 6th Birthday Mole!

Happy 6th Birthday Chalula!

> March 10, 2014 -  Seven Weeks of Trash!   This trash that I posted about on my other blog in the post about my Jan 21st visit, is still friggin' in the same spot! UNbelievable!  < Well it should be, but I guess nothing should surprise me, even something this simple.  The "grass" is growing up around it and new stuff has been added :(   I reported it to Security, and they alerted Janitors.  I've reported it twice more since. Major fail.  Glad the winds didn't kick it up (my original concern) and the plastic didn't blow into the Lake and harm any Waterfowl.

> March 4, 2014 - Mardi Gras Greetings from Salsa :)

> March 1, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!
Happy Birthday Trent!

(My bad, I didn't upload this on Saturday :(  Sorry Sweetie!)

> March 1, 2014 - Happy National Pig Day!
Happy National Pig Day to
My Sweet Friends Tiki and Kai!
(Kune Kune Pigs :)

About Pig Day from Wiki:  National Pig Day is an event held annually on March 1 in the United States to celebrate the pig. The holiday celebration was started in 1972 by sisters Ellen Stanley, a teacher in Lubbock, Texas, and Mary Lynne Rave of Beaufort, North Carolina. According to Rave the purpose of National Pig Day is "to accord the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man's most intellectual and domesticated animals." The holiday is most often celebrated in the Midwest.

> February 27, 2014 - Happy International Polar Bear Day!
Happy International Polar Bear Day to 
My Precious Polar Girls Ulu and Pike!

International Polar Bear Day at the San Francisco Zoo...

Once again the Zoo failed to give mention to an Animal Awareness Day.  I waited til the end of the Zoo day to post this, because I knew they wouldn't disappoint me.  Sadly, its not me that I am disappointed for, but for our Polar Bears, who deserve to be Celebrated on this Day, as Ambassadors for their Wild Cousins who face quite a plight.  Part of the Zoo's Mission is to "Advance Conservation Action".  What does that mean when they don't Recognize and Educate on these Awareness Days?

> February 17, 2014 - Marabou Stork Nest Has Three Eggs!
See all the nesting action in my Video: 

> February 15, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday Chutney!

> February 14. 2014 - How lucky am I?  Giraffe Babies first day out!  Guess I can announce it now :)  Lady Willow had a babie last Thursday :)  She is beautiful, just like her Mama!   ...  I think it would be a wonderful tribute to name her Mari. 

You can view the video:

> February 14, 2014 -  Miss Hazel's Birthday Party!

Hazel and Miss Almond check out her Birthday Cake!
View the Video Sing-a Long :)

>  February 14, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 15th Birthday Hazel!

> February 11, 2014 - I made some Valentine Fun with my Zoo Friend photos!  Printable (non-watermarked) versions available to download, contact me if interested.  Make your own Valentines, featuring Zoo Friends!     
Full size individual pix:

> February 10, 2014 - Here are some of my captures from Jillian's Party.  Look for a full blog post in the next couple days (i hope!) on

Full size individual pix:

> February 10, 2014 -  Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 1st Birthday Jillian!

> February 8, 2014 -  Another curious thing is when I made my Year of the Horse post featuring our wonderful Farm Friend Ben, I checked the Zoo's site and neither the banner or the Calendar had a mention of a Lunar event this year.  I thought they just weren't going to do one this year.  Maybe they weren't?  Who knows.  Anyway the Zoo posted to their Facebook page a few days ago.  It will be tomorrow.  In anycase, I must every year post about this because I feel strongly that the Chinese New Year traditional Lion Dance should not be a part of this event.  The sound volume is too loud for most of the Animals.  I have witnessed this several times, yet it seems that having it be a part of the event continues to be a priority over Animal Wellness.   Please read my extended post 

> February 8, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Celebration!? ...  Very interesting and curious I must say!  The Zoo rarely recognizes, let alone Celebrates the Birthdays of the Zoo Friends.  In the post on my other blog,  I wrote a bit about the SFZoo's history in regard to this, as well publicly put it out there as a <hint> that they should do one for Jillian the Tiger Cubs First Birthday on Feb 10th.   Did I shame them into it?  Who knows, but stop by the Zoo on Monday morning at 10:30a as they give her some special Birthday Treats!

> February 7, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthdays Today!

Happy 11th Birthday Miss Chipotle!

Happy 11th Birthday Jahari!

> February 6, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 12th Birthday Hercules!

> February 5, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday Nikos!

> February 4, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 6th Birthday Nataani!

> February 3, 2014 - Visited the Zoo today and got this snap :)  Family Farm Intern Katie got crafty awesome and made a banner in Honor of Celebrating the Year of the Horse!   Yay! Ben!

> January 31, 2014 -  Wow farthest behind I've ever been, my apologies!  Will try to remedy this on the weekend.  Til then, here's a wonderful photo of  my Family Farm Friend Ben  :)  ... 
Happy Year of the Ben :)  aka ...

> January 4, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today! 

Happy 17th Birthday Amanzi!

> January 3, 2014 - Zoo Friend Birthday Today!

Happy 16th Birthday Monifa!

> January 1, 2014 -  Happy New Year!  January 1st brings us many Zoo Friend Birthdays!  Per usual the Zoo made no mention of their Special Day :(    ... I didn't have a proper photo of Oliver the Anaconda, but wish him a Happy 17th Birthday!

Happy 43rd Birthday Elly!

Happy 32nd Birthday Sureshot!

Happy 11th Birthday Kiona!

Happy 11th Birthday Kachina!

> December 31, 2013 - My Friend captured this wonderful photo of Lion Couple, Nala and Big at his local Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.  I love this photo!   Big is not only the Father of our Sukari's GrandCubbies, but he is the Brother from another Litter to our Amanzi, sharing the same Papa.  You can see her in his face so much here :)  ... Make sure to read the Poem he wrote for them :)

Please visit his photostream and see his wonderful Zoo Friends!   

> December 30, 2013 - Finally made it to Zoo Lights tonight.  As expected, not spectacular.  The best thing was not even part of the "lights' display, but this Snowflake projection on the ground near the Aye-Ayes. Another good thing, got to see the Aye-Ayes before the rumored closure of that exhibit.  May be the last time ever to see them.

> December 28, 2013 -  I take photo's all around the grounds, sometimes not knowing what I'll use them for.  I've had a post for my "long" blog in the works for almost a year, about signs I'd like to see at the Zoo. While going thru my photos from last week, I came across this one and had this thought.  ... FYI this blank board is used for the Zoo Lights even exclusively.  Last yr was the first and its been in storage all year. A waste.  If they need it for this purpose again next year, it wouldn't cost much in $ or energy to make a duplicate and use it as I've got here, which I think is a grand idea!  ... Right now its located in the ideal spot at the Gatehouse (Entry).

> December 27, 2013 - Again I saw Hasani with Little Kabibe :)  Got some decent pix, here is one, more at link :)  ... If you want to catch this action, it seems to be in the late afternoon.  They all go in and then after a bit, Hasani comes running out with the Babie!

> December 26, 2013 - Our Sukari's GrandCubbies Celebrate their First Birthday this weekend!  Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo values recognizing Birthday's and will not only throw a Party for the Cubs on Sunday, but had a pre-party today!  Two Celebrations!  Check out the link to the photos on the Facebook Page :)  ... I am so happy to know of these beautiful Cubbies because of my research of our Sukari's Family Tree. Watching them grow in photos and video has been wonderful and seeing them big and healthy makes me cry.  Precious babies!
ScreenCap from the link

> December 24, 2013 -  Well, still no mention on the Zoo's Website or FB Page about any Holiday (Toy/Presents) Enrichment for the Animals.  I guess the Polar Bears aren't getting any Snow this year either :( First time in four years.  BUT  they do post that they are having Snow for the Humans at their Zoo Lights event.  :(  FAIL again, doing for Humans and not for the Animals.  While other Zoo's and Animal Facilities gave their Animal Residents Holiday Fun, apparently the San Francisco Zoo did nothing special for theirs.

> December 23, 2013 - Saw Kabibe the Gorilla babie today for the first time!  Adorable :)  The whole Troop was out and keeping close eye on her, especially when Big Brother Hasani snatched her up and made off with her!  He played keep away from the Adults for sometime, but always carrying her securely and stopping to gently handle and hug her :)  He loves his Little Sister!

> December 20, 2013 -  And her name is ... Kabibe!   Finally the Zoo came up with a way to assure this little one got a decent name.  All three names to be voted on were nice, this was the one I voted for :) , which means "little lady" in Swahili.   The photos at the link below of Little Miss Kabibe and her Grandma are precious.  They had me in tears, because of how wonderful Grandma Bawang is.  A real Gem of a Being.  Raised three babies of her own and now two other infants.  She is an Incredible Lady!

Screencap from this link

> December 19, 2013- Happy Birthday Ulu!  Our Precious Polar Bear Ulu turned 33 today!  Wild born, her Birthdate is estimated and may be the date she came to the Zoo, but the year is pretty accurate.  She is presumed to be the oldest Female Polar Bear in a North American Zoo!  I was happy to be able to spend some of her special day with her and sing her the Birthday song :)  

The Zoo of course didn't celebrate her day OR even give it a mention.  Their post today was about buying Memberships.  Always with the money grubbing, instead of valuing the Animals who are the real "bread and butter".  Without these wonderful beings, there would be no Zoo.

Photo taken from All-Bear Birthday Party in 2011 (meant for 2010 Birthdays), that we were able to make happen with the help of our kind Keeper friend Dave.  Party Enrichment Toys made by my friend Lee and I. Pictured is the "Birthday Cake" I made and Mache Party Ball Lee made :)

I plan to write a longer blog post on the non-celebration of the Polar Birthdays, will post the link here when I get to that.  

> December 16, 2013-  Meet Bronevik!   Took my camera back today and got some face time with our new Handsome Boy!  :)

> December 15, 2013 -  What the heck?  I actually thought the Zoo did a decent job on their first attempt at a Zoo Lights event last Holiday Season, so I had high hope this year would be even better.  As well I'm a fan of the Point Defiance Zoo's offering for this type of event. Spectacular!  That said, I haven't gone to any of the previews yet, but will go when its in full swing after the 20th.  BUT again, What the heck?  Was someone drunk when they not only made the decision to put lights on this statue, but also HOW the lights are put on?? I can't imagine it looking any better at night.  So, yea, color me afraid of the rest of the display.  .. Everytime I look at this I just laugh.  

> December 15, 2013 - Spur of the moment Zoo Visit and yay!  New Male Amur (Siberian) Tigers first day out in the yard!  I've been anxiously waiting for him to get out of quarantine, so lucky me!  Welcome Bronevik!  He is handsome!  I didn't have my camera, but will post photos as soon as I do!   Til then I share with you some of my research about him :)

Screen cap of him from this link:

Born at Hogle Zoo, this is their announcement page that includes photos of him as a cub, with his two Brothers and Mama :)

> December 14, 2013 - Monkey Day part two.  Going thru my Facebook feed and Kudos to the Los Angeles Zoo who posted all day photos of different species of Monkey and Monkey related Animals.  Our Zoo, per usual didn't even give it a mention, YET they have three posts in the past 24 hrs about how Visitors can come spend money there.  Way to go SFZoo!

> December 14, 2013 - Happy National Monkey Day!

> December 13, 2013 - The Big Cats were vocal this morning!  See my video :) 

> December 8, 2013 - Contender for stupidest sign placement.  More people will cross at an opening, than across the roped off train tracks.  I'd have a sign at both points, but that's just me.  ... I saw a guy enter from the open end the other day to take photos of the Macaws.  There shouldn't be any question regarding access points.  Note to Zoo - A sign and extended rope fencing needs to be along that area at train track crossing.

> December 3, 2013 - New sign at the entrance to the parking lot.  This sign is about 3 x 6 ft.  YET the signs telling visitors not to cross barriers are about 4 x 8 inches and only a handful of them.  San Francisco Zoo, why don't you get some decent sized signs about how to respect Animals and not cross barriers into their homes?  Oh yea, that's because you don't care about that.  The Zoo has always had a misguided preoccupation with the parking lot, where most often the only Security Guards can be found.  That said, the last 6 visits over the course of  two/half weeks, I have not seen one Security Guard on the grounds the whole time I was there. WTH??!

> December 1, 2013 -  Recent replacement of windows in Big Cat Grotto A, did not include the extra "bar" barrier.  I get how awesome it is to be face to face with the Animals and in a wonderful world where People didn't take advantage of that by banging and kicking on the windows, that would be great.   We don't live int hat world :( .   .. and Yes, the Animals have the option of not coming close to the window, but the annoyance just shouldn't be an issue in their home.

> November 29, 2013 - WTF?  Who wears Fur to a Zoo?  This Ahole that's who!

> November 28, 2013 - Happy Thanksgiving!  Photo of our Sweet Male Alton!

> November 27, 2013 -  Denver Zoo Polar Bear Lee celebrated his Birthday with a wonderful Ice Cake!

Unfortunately, our Precious Pike didn't even get a mention.  The San Francisco Zoo is truly awful how they do not value the Animals enough to Celebrate their Special Days.  Certain ones get a mention hear and there when it suits them to "publicize"  but for the most part, no recognition, no celebration, no special treats.  Zoo Management forgets that without these wonderful Beings, there would be no Zoo and they would have no jobs.  SHAME!

> November 25, 2013 - Happy Birthday Pike!  I've been behind on so many Birthdays and hope to do an extended post at some time, but today I'm on it and wishing a wonderful Birthday to Precious Pike!  who turns 31 today!  Was happy to see her yesterday and sang her the bday song :)

Photo taken from All-Bear Birthday Party in 2011 (meant for 2010 Birthdays), that we were able to make happen with the help of our kind Keeper friend Dave.  Party Enrichment Toys made by my friend Lee and I.  Pictured is the "Birthday Cake" and Goodie Bag I made :)

Last year they combined the Birthdays with the annual snow that's trucked in. So it looked like they had a Birthday Party/which is what they presented it as.  They never have Birthday celebrations. These girls are lucky they have Bdays in Nov/Dec or they'd get nothing like the rest of the animals.  

> November 24, 2013 -  This weekend the Zoo had a Pumpkin Party!  Donated after Hallo Pumpkins were given to the Animals for Enrichment Treats.  The Zoo must have gotten this idea from the Oakland Zoo, because they have done this at least the last couple years, and SFZoo the last couple years has had a box of pumpkins after Hallo in the Garden with a sign that says "free, take one."  < Which I always thought curious and a waste when the Animals could have gotten them.  So, I'm glad for the extended Pumpkin Enrichment these Zoo Friends got.  

Peccary Family enjoying Pumpkins :)

>November 23, 2013 -  Gorilla Babie update.  One step closer to being able to hopefully see this little one soon :)  I've heard that Grandma Bawang has successfully taken on the surrogate role!   Bawang is no stranger to this, so I assume it will go smooth and look forward to little girls's debut!

NOTE for 11.23.13
I apologize to the much appreciated People who follow my blogs.  
I am sorry for the delay of almost a month of posts!  
Not to worry, that doesn't mean I'm not keeping my eye on what's going on at the Zoo :) 
 I have been making notes along the way, just haven't had time for proper posting, photo edits, and linking.  BUT here are my new entries.  
Bison Day was the last one in case you want to read back and not miss anything!

> November 22, 2013 - RIP Banana Sam, Mocha and Marody.  All precious Zoo Friends who we lost in the past week.  You are Loved and Missed.   ... I will make an extended post on regarding the loss of  many Friends in recent months.  Its sad that People only hear about the passings of the Animals the Zoo feels are "newsworthy", when each of the Animals have People who love and care about them.

> November 21, 2013 - News of the New Playground opening has started.  

I have been very vocal on my other blog about what I think of the Zoo fundraising for this while Animals continue to need upgrades to their homes.  Yesterday I woke up wishing I had the funds to help our Chimps have a better home.   Today, I  further fantasize that our Chimps could be the first ones to try out the new Playground!  Playing on the Banyan Trees, for the Zoo would never build them such grandness :(

Read my extended post about the Chimps, coming soon to

> November 19, 2013 - Took this photo recently and wanted to share.  I often see Visitors sketching the Zoo Friends.  I thought this was a nice one as first time I've seen someone use color.  Usually its students doing such for assignments, but this guy seems like he's doing it for pleasure.  Miss Pike is his subject :)

Noting also the curiosity of Pike's Grotto still having a metal fencing barrier up.  WHile I am all for Barriering up all the Animals for THEIR safety, this one was installed along with one at Ulu's concret grotto, 2008 a couple months after the Tiger event.  The one at Ulu's (grotto B) came down during the recent renovation.  These fences have been ridiculous from the start, seeing as they never put one on the Meadow, so defeats the purpose of both Keeping the Animals in (?) and the Visitors out.   Nothing was ever installed at the Grizzly grotto either, even after a Visitor climbed in in 2009.  This all said, the Zoo should take this eyesore down. If they want to protect all, they should run a glass barrier across the whole Bear area, protecting all the Grottos from Visitor misbehavior.

> November 17, 2013 - Noticed this new sign.  Along with reading my blogs, the Zoo must be reading my mind, or maybe they have some new Staff that actually think.  I have a long signage post (yes another one!) in the works and something along the lines of this is part of it.  Hope to have it done soon.  Stay tuned to  

> November 16, 2013 - Rumor has it, there's a new Cat in Town!   Tis True, a Male Siberian/Amur has arrived as a mate for our Shastyuh/Martha!   He is in quarantine, so should be out after the thirty day period! Looking forward to meeting him :)  Will post more details on him as I get them!  

> November 15, 2013 - What the Heck happened to the Childrens Zoo Sign???   Its gone (obviously in the Zoo's attempt to redo the area surrounding the new Playground, but why take down something like that?  I asked a handful of Staffers and all seemed disgusted by the removal and said no one could tell them why/who's idea this was.  FAIL!!!

I couldn't find my photo of it, so here's a screen cap from the Zoo's website.

> November 14, 2013 - Koola at Brookfield Zoo gave birth to a babie girl on 11.4.13 Koola is the Daughter of Binti Jua whose paternal roots are tied to our Zoo.  Her father Sunshine was born at SFZoo. Sunshine is the son of Bwana.  Bwana the brother of M'Kubwa, who is the Father of our Nneka, Grandfather to our unnamed babie Gorilla born in July.  Without doing all the math in further detail, our babie and this babie are cousins.  I believe since its a girl it will be owned by SFZoo like its Mother Binti Jua.

You can see some wonderful photos of Mother and Babie on my friends photostream.

> November 11, 2013 - Interesting!  If our Zoo adopted this, might change the way some Staff dress ;)

> November 10, 2013 - Yesterday, in addition to all the notations I make on my blogs about Visitor misbehavior towards the Animals, I'm sick of hearing their stupid comments.  One of the females in this motly crew was watching the Peccary babies and said, "Babie Bacon" repeatedly.  WTF is wrong with people and why do they come to the Zoo?  I guess it makes them feel superior to make fun of Animals.  It hurts me to hear these things and makes me feel sick to even relay them.  Who says this kind of thing, especially about week old little babies?  

>November 7, 2013 -Another note regarding my Visit yesterday, which was also Free Day.  Not only does the Zoo continue to not have enough Staff and Security presence on the grounds daily, it is really a problem on Free Day.  ... In relation to that and all the Barrier Breaching issues I post,  I will note that the Peccary enclosure is too vulnerable.  I do not like when people can literally hang over into Animals Homes.  There are several of these type exhibits.  The problem I have right now at Peccarries is they have six tiny babies, and seeing People sitting on and leaning over the barrier is awful.
NO protection for Peccaries

If you have read my other blogs Barrier Breaching posts, here is another angle of what continually goes on at Mandrills.  Note that this exhibit is outside the Security office.

> November 6, 2013 - Could not believe my eyes when I saw Taymor/Larry in Big Cat Grotto B!  
Taymor enjoying some Sensory Enrichment :)

I have had a post about enclosure rotation in the works for literally a year.  Some posts take longer to get going not only because of time and energy it takes to do them, but sometimes I'm just repeatedly exhausted at the same issues and the non-rotating of some of the Animals is mind numbing and heartbreaking.  Hope to finish my post in draft on this soon.  Til then you can read a bit about this subject in this previous blog post. 

> November 4,2013 - Peccary babies!  As a big fan of Red River Hogs, I was so happy when we got Peccaries, and once the male Habanero joined the females, the possibilities of babies was very exciting :)  So when our first babie girl was born I was slightly obsessed with her cuteness, and now we have six at one time!  Two litters, one Twins and the other Quads :)  Overload of cute and fun :)

> November 3, 2013 - Happy Polar Bear Week!   
Polar Bear Week is November 4-10.   This week hosted a number of worldwide events, staged to create awareness for the plight of Polar Bears in the Wild, which probably still include members of our wild born Ulu's Family.

Read more about it:

I didn't see any mention of this come out of the Zoo.  Guess it was another Awareness Day they missed. Probably doesn't really matter, they attempted Rhino Day (after I posted a couple years in a row about how they missed it) and did a piss poor job at it.

They are Zero for Zero in their Mission Statement. "At the San Francisco Zoo,  (A) it's our mission to connect people withwildlife,  (B) inspire caring for nature, and (C) advance conservation action." 

A- The only connecting I see, is when Visitors hang over barriers into the Animals homes.  B- I rarely see caring coming from Visitors and the Zoo does nothing to deter or educate.  C- The Zoo may participate in outside Conservation efforts in order to keep up with the Jones of other Zoos, but at home, they do very little to educate the Visitors on the plights of Animals being threatened with extinction.  Like taking advantage of these Celebration Days. 

> November 2, 2013 - Churros Are Home!  

Finally after an unexpected expanded stay at the Nature Meadow, Zoo Management finally let the Navajo Churro Sheep Ladies go back home to the Family Farm. They were moved on Halloween and I visited them yesterday to see how they were doing.  As I expected, Barn harmony was upset, the move changed them and their Friends who stayed behind.   Hope it doesn't take too much time for them all to adjust.  As well hope the Zoo never does something so uncaring again.   That's wishful thinking.

Read more about this unnecessary event on my previous blog post

> November 2, 2013 - Today marked the first National Bison Day!  As a Richmond District Native, I grew up visiting our lovely herd that lives in Golden Gate Park and continue to visit them regularly. This is one of our beautiful Grand Dames :)  One of the last offspring born in the Park in the early 80s, babies I was lucky to see :)
You can read more about the American Bison and what this recognition Day means.  I will note that I personally find it curious that this awesome Animal is being celebrated yet not protected in the sense that it is used as a meat source :(

> Novenber 1, 2013 - I sure miss Zoo Friend Bamba the Black Howler Monkey, who recently moved to the Santa Ana Zoo, to meet some Lady Friends :)  In a recent correspondence with them via Facebook Messaging, they said, "Bamba now lives at our "Amazon's Edge" island lagoon with a couple of Crested Screamers Black Swans. He seems to really like the new space.  He does have 2 new friends, a pair of females.  I'll post a pic on the timeline."   You can view the photo here:

> October 31, 2013 -  
Pix from when my friend Lee and I made Enrichment ToysHeads in the Grass Halloween FunThese Paper Mache Heads by Lee,being enjoyed by Jahari :)

> October 27, 2013 - I've slacked on posting this past week, just didn't have time.  Will follow-up on those items soon, but this video of the Babie Gorilla just came thru on my news alert.  Pretty cute, hope she will be working with Bawang the surrogate/grandma so she can go out on exhibit soon.

> October 21, 2013 -  View some of my Photos and Video from the Zoo's Halloween Event.  Love seeing the Animals have fun with Pumpkins :)  Cool to see Falcor get what might be his first Pumpkin treats :)

> October 19, 2013 - Zoo Friend, Lulu the African Elephant who now lives at the PAWS Sanctuary, won the title at today's Ms Tuskany Event!  Read her story and view the photos :)

> October 18, 2013 - Zoo Friend Tucker's (Hippo) Son, Vision, who lives at the Topeka Zoo with his Mama, enjoyed a Pumpkin Treat!

> October 18, 2013 - Big Cat Pumpkin Catch!  A collage of photos featuring Pumpkin Enrichment Toys my friend and I made the Cats in 2010.  Photos of how we were able to make the Animals smile, make me smile :)  ... Zoo will start its Halloween Event tomorrow.

> October 17, 2013 - Finally saw the Zoo's new Lemurs :)  ... A Male and Female Red Fronted Brown Lemur have been added to the Collection.  Here one is chasing a Black and White Ruff.

> October 15, 2013 -  I recently posted that our Leanne/Skylar became a Grandma when her Son Jae-Jae fathered a Cub at London Zoo.  Sadly that wonderful news is now heartbreak.  The three week old Cub has tragically passed.  I have shed many tears about this loss.  Its just awful.  So, I won't write anymore, you can read about it here:

> October 14, 2013 - Update on last weeks Chimp Barrier story (link posted below).   Barrier is still Breachable :(

> October 9, 2013 -  The World Rhino Day organization posted this awesome Video compiling many great Events that happened at Cities and Zoos around the World in support of this Animal Awareness Day.  No surprise the lack of fanfare the SFZoo created with their effort was not included.  ...  I LOVED it!  So much passion from all those involved.  The hair dos, paper mache horns, the congo line, and the cool bracelets stood out.  I've watched it several times and still notice new stuff!

> October 8, 2013 - Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, which is home to our Lioness Sukari's two Daughters (M'Fisha and Ahadi), and now Grandbabies!  as well our Amanzi's Brother Big who is the Cubs Father :)  has published a book about the Cubs!   Screencap from their FB pg.

> October 7, 2013 - Tis' true, I can't visit the Zoo without witnessing someone breaching Barriers. Today was one of the worst, as it could have gotten our Precious Chimps killed.  Read my post from my other blog:

> October 6, 2013 - I haven't made any Zoo Friend accessories in awhile, but made these for me and two friends who LOVE Falcor!  I always joke we are his old lady fan club lol!

> October 4, 2013 - Gandolf the Alapca was Beating the Heat at the Zoo!

> October 4, 2013 -  Thought I'd post this News Article on the Zoo's Gorilla Babie, since the Zoo rarely posts anything.  There are some nice photos of the Infant :)  ... Posted today to

> October 3, 2013 -  All the Ruddy Ducklings have moved from the Aviary back to the Childrens Zoo Pond.  See if you can spot them, they are almost as big as their Parents!

> October 2, 2013 - For Cobby Lovers!  There is now a Facebook Page for his Fans/Friends :)  Some of you might not know, but our Cobby once had his own TV Show called Cobby's Hobbies.  It apparently aired only in Australia and a Fan from Oz who remembers it and him fondly started this page :)   Please check it out! 

We love our Cobby!  So, I have donated some photos of Cobby to the page owner, not only to share, but as the Zoo sent her a photo of Cobby that was actually Minnie.  ... Things that make you go HUH?!

You can also learn more basics about Cobby on a post I made in 2009 when I was first learning about the Zoo Friends:  (as well search his name on all my other blogs :)

> October 1, 2013 - Our Skylar/Leanne is a Grandma!  The London Zoo announced that their Female Melati gave birth to a Male Cub on September 22!  The Father is one of our Cublets, Jae-Jae, from Leannes first litter in 2008 :)  You can view the Birth, captured live on their Den Cam.

Jae-Jae moved to London Zoo from Akron in October 2012, to meet his new mate Melati :)  One year later we have a Cubbie!  Congratulations to Jae-Jae and Melati!  And to London Zoo, as they are as well Grandparents, Melati's Papa Hari was the last Cub born there.  ...  It would be sweet if they named it after one of its Grandpa's.  I don't know about Hari, but Jae-Jae's Papa Bali passed last year, so it would be a wonderful tribute to an Awesome Tiger.

Search Jae-Jae on my other blog, for more info and link to photos and video of he and Melati.

> September 30, 2013 - Saw Mama Peahen and her chick today :)  

> September 26, 2013 - I really should start tallying up all the things the Zoo does that I blog about. Just saying.  ... I post here in July 7 entry suggesting a Food Truck event and tonight's event Noc'tails, will include Food Trucks.  Actually looks like a good event.  Since the Lion House is open during it, would have been cool if they gave the Big Cats some fun themed Enrichment Toys!  Here's a photo of a Coconut Cup Tropical Cocktail "Toy" I made for our Tiki Luau themed day :)  

Skylar/Leanne enjoying her "Drink" aka Toy (filled with meat) :)

> September 25, 2013 - The Zoo finally took my suggestion and came up with a creative way to Name an Animal (thankfully, as a newborn, this one didn't already have a Name!).   Noted in my August 23 post.   These "ballot" boxes are located in Entry Village.

> September 25, 2013 - Finally!  After visiting Willow a handful of times and not seeing her with any food or with it only hanging outside her enclosure, today, she had food inside the fence!  Maybe alittle racket helped?!

 Four food options INSIDE the fence!  

> September 24, 2013 - I haven't posted in sometime about the Idiots who roam free at the Zoo.  That doesn't mean they don't still exist.  I see them every visit and document as many as possible, because the Zoo refuses to take a stand on deterring this misbehavior.  Last week in the African Aviary a guy reached into the exhibit and bounced a tree branch trying to get the Bird sitting on it to move for a photo.  WTF?  People are out of control.  Sure that's minor to Visitors hanging over barriers and possibly falling in, but still its major Bullshit and I'm tired of seeing it.  This is their home, WTF is wrong with people?  In the case of the later, if that happened, one of our Animals would be killed.  

Idiots is too kind. Considering that this is invasive to an Animal in its home AND this action could lead to an Animals death.  So, Evil, Demon, Ahole is more what I'd call it, but many don't embrace my extreme bluntness in choice of words.  Being ignorant is no longer a valid excuse.  ... Note this same Family was dangled of the Black Rhinos minutes before.  These Parents must not only be stupid as get all, but must really hate their Children.

> September 23, 2013 -  New idea for sharing photos.  I take alot of Zoo friend photos, but only edit and share a few on Flickr.  Editing is time consuming and they all have to be resized even if I don't have to adjust exposure.  So, I picked a bunch from the past week and put them in a Video.  Will try to do this weekly :)  Enjoy!

> September 21, 2013 -  While watching Willow the other day, I captured a Sweet interaction between her and Amani :)  While the other Giraffes came by and looked, only Amani interacted with her.  Amani came up and sniffed her and then started giving her Kisses!  Too precious :) I almost teared up it was so sweet.  Amani seems to be a very kissey, lovey girl, as I captured her also kissing the Babie :)   I love these two beautiful new Girls!   Welcome to you both, I look forward to watching you for many years to come!

Meet Amani!  See her photo and the one of her giving kisses to the Babie!

Meet Willow!  See her photo and one of her as a Babie!

> September 19, 2013 - Put together some screen caps from the Monitor outside Gorillas.  I took pix of the ones of the babie that I haven't seen posted online anywhere.  There have only been a few, these will probably be new to those who haven't been in person.  

> September 18, 2013 - Had a wonderful interaction with precious Gauhati (One-Horned Rhino)  you can view the video of him greeting me and wanting me to play Ball with him :)   

> September 14, 2013-
New Giraffe Lady arrives at the Zoo!

> September 11, 2011 - Free Day at the Zoo.  I was there from 1:30-5.  Typical there was no Security presence.  I saw one near entry Village around 3 and two near Terrace Cafe at 4:30.  As well, the double barriers at Chimps weren't present.   Both FAILS in light of possible attendance increase.  

BUT I am happy to report that the Komodo Dragon exhibit now has anti-reflective glass!  It appears that the type of film I blogged about has been added to the exterior windows, which cuts the glare on the enclosure windows :)

> September 9, 2013 - Falcor gave some face-time to his fan club today :)   My friends adore him too!

He hung out alot in his favorite spot, where he can watch the Ground Hornbills.  Although he still hasn't realized a navigation issue that I noticed last week, when he tries to get on the ledge, he falls off  :(  Not hard enough to hurt himself, but it would be cool if the Zoo could extend the ledge a bit, so he has a decent amount of space to fit on.  I'm thinking at the end close to the wall (noted by black strip).  That way he can still sit on his favorite rock or sit on the ledge :)

> September 8, 2013 - Happy Grandparents Day!  

View my blog post about all the wonderful Zoo Friends who have contributed to their species two-fold by having offspring who also had Babies!  I am very proud of them! Especially Miss Elly who was kept pregnant by the Zoo for over 15 years of her life birthing babies that are not only in other Zoo's, but have been released back into the wild. < Something I don't believe in, just noting the range of her contribution! And, Bawang who has gone above and beyond her duty, being surrogate to Hasani and now will do the same for her new granddaughter. These Animals should be Celebrated by the Zoo, yet they are not. The Zoo Celebrates Humans instead.  Please check out my Celebration of them and learn more about them!   :) 

> September 7, 2013 - Happy International Vulture Awareness Day!  

Monty, Turkey Vulture  @sfzoo  :)

Just read about this Celebration Day. Although it is focused to raise awareness for Vulture species in Europe who are facing a threatened status, it is important to celebrate all of these Birds and their endangered Cousins, so we learn about them overall.

When pulling this photo of Monty, I had a sweet video clip  :)  Enjoy!

> September 6, 2013 -  Yes, I'm slightly obsessed with Falcor!  Took some cute video footage of him yesterday :)   ... Also uploaded a few photos to Flickr, Lion, Tigers, and Juvenile Ruddy Duck :)

> September 4, 2013 -  Happy National Wildlife Day!  Just read about this Celebration Day. So, I grabbed this photo I took of Miss Tilly who I met in her wild home while both of us were out on a daily adventure :) 

So, while not Zoo related, it is Animal related and the Zoo has many wild born Animal Residents, including three Wild Turkeys :)  I chose to use a photo of an Animal in the actual wild, but I love my Turkey Friends at the Zoo!   Hear the Golden Girls having a chat with me :)

Read about this Animal Recognition Day

> September 3, 2013 - Forget to note here that I did a post on my other blog about the Zoo's Hornbills!  Check it out if you're interested in getting to know them and also read about the plight of the Great Hornbill Hercules, who lives at the Zoo in an area too small for a Bird his size.  

> September 2, 2013 - Visited Falcor again today.  ...  Falcor continues to be a charmer :)  and I continue to make sure people know his true name.  Children and teens especially like that his name comes from the main character in the movie The NeverEnding Story :)  ... Poo to the Donor name Big Daddy Language! < It makes no sense!

Video of him motoring about the enclosure :)

Thankfully I was early enough to beat the crowd for a few minutes, then unfortunately the stroller brigade began.  I'm sorry and I know I just sound like a complainer,  but with such a small viewing space (why?!)  people need to leave their strollers outside when there's a lot of people.  I was in there with it packed including two strollers.  Just plain rude.  First with the knocking on the glass and now with the standing on the ledge in front of the glass.  Zoo needs not only a don't knock on glass sign, don't stand on ledge (how scary from the Animals side is that?), in addition to not allowing strollers in the viewing area.  Its just not designed to accommodate that and a ton of people. 

September 1, 2013 -  Would be cool if the Zoo put a sign up on the side view of the Chimps, that explained what "twigging" is, so when one of the Chimps is on that side doing this, people would learn something about Chimp tool use. 

Twigging is when an object (tool), likely a stick instrument is used to retrieve a treat (usually molasses) from the feeder container with holes.  I have most often seen Minnie and Maggie using an Acacia stem (after stripping the leaves and branches).

 Minnie Twigging

> August 30, 2013 - Gorilla Cam View.  Babie wasn't very active, but this is a short clip from the live stream at the Zoo.  You are viewing the Babie Gorilla cradled in the Keepers arms.  .. Will try for a longer video when the Babie is more active.

> August 30, 2013 - Two new extended posts on my other blog about the New Komodo Dragon
Meeting Falcor: 
Exhibit Views:

Also check out my video:

>August 29, 2013 - Komodo Dragon Unveiling - Name Reveal.   Its not bad enough that the Zoo chose to rename Falcor the Komodo Dragon,  but unfortunately the Donor picked a ridiculous name, that basically translates into Big Daddy Language!???  WTH?   Read my post here:  

> August 28, 2013 - Got some really cute footage of the Goater Babies running around the Farm like crazy!  

> August 26, 2013 -  While researching this years ZooFest info for a post on the new Komodo Dragon (  ), I was hit again with the Tiger Cub naming, which my opinions on are well documented on my other blog.   I have to wonder, has Jillian Manus and her Family been to Visit her namesake since the Media Event making the name official (three months ago)?  My guess is No, otherwise the Zoo would have capitalized on a photo op.  

> August 24, 2013 -  My pal Andrew took this photo of one of Norfolk's Mermaids deco'd with Tiger Stripes at the Virginia Zoo today. 

It reminded me of how much I love these Art installations and my thought for the SFZoo.  Ever since I saw the Fish Parade in New Orleans in 2000 I have loved the idea of the one common statue form being decorated and sold for fundraising.  Like the Fish, New York Cows, Kentucky Horses, Lexington Pigs, and the Munich Lions, San Francisco did its own with Hearts in 2004.  I pitched "Seals" to the Marin Mammal Center, and of course have long thought the Zoo should use the Monarch (Bear) form already at the Grizzly exhibit.  It would be an awesome fundraising tool and provide many different merchandising options even after the statues were purchased.

Thank you to Andrew King for letting me use his photo here :)  You can see more of his wonderful Zoo Animal photos on Flickr:

You can read more about this venture at this link:

> August 23, 2013 -  The Zoo has finally gone a new route and banged their collective heads together to figure out an alternative way to raise funds in regards to naming Animals.  Now we just have hope the Zoo picks some wonderful and appropriate names as the top contenders!

... "Members of the public are encouraged to submit their name choices via email to The contest will remain open until September 17 – the gorilla’s two-month birthday. ... Three top contenders will be chosen from the submitted names and the public can vote through donations online or at the zoo. Participants can vote with any size donation and as often as they wish. Every dollar will go towards the gorilla’s care. ... The first name to reach $50,000 in donations or have the highest amount of donations at the time the baby gorilla goes on exhibit – whichever comes first – will be chosen as the winner." ...

Taken from this article (which I just received via Google News alert).\

> August 20, 2013 - What is wrong with people?  My friend noticed this at Lemurs.  Either a Visitor picked this up and set it up top, in an unstable position, or I don't know who/what/why? BUT it was Stupid and dangerous.  I wish the Zoo had more people roaming about who were aware of things.  It seems like we always find/see/hear things, that really should be caught by Zoo Staff.

Broken board with nails sticking out,
found laying on top of platform.
Could have easily fallen into Lemurs.

> August 19, 2013 - Gorilla Cam is up!  Finally!  I saw it today.  Its not as good as when they had it for Hasani, but hey its something at least.  The issue mainly is that its high up and not sheltered, so the reflection and light make it hard to see.  Odd and curious placement.  It actually took me a few minutes to get my eyes adjusted.  It was lower and in a sheltered area last time. ... Here are a couple cell phone pix.  My other camera was having technical difficulties.  Hope to get some better photos next time.

> August 19, 2013Today is the first World Orangutan Day!  Orangutans are under serious threat primarily because of the sourcing of Palm Oil.  Please visit these links to learn more.

You can do your part and adopt one or all of these suggestions.
*Read labels, and choose not to use products that contain Palm Oil.
*Ask Merchants not to support this travesty by selling products that contain Palm Oil.
*Ask the Makers of these products to not use Palm Oil and find a sustainable alternative.

The San Francisco Zoo used to have two wonderful Orangutans, Rusty and Lipz.  I remember them and miss seeing them.  Sadly, Rusty passed away in 2003 and his mate Lipz was eventually sent to another Zoo, so she would have a companion.   I am happy to report that she found happiness again at the Birmingham Zoo, with a male named Oliver with who she had a babie.  You can view Lipz and her Daughter at this link that contains photos and video of Nairi's first birthday :)

Thank you to my friend Hazel Holby, a longtime friend to the Zoo, for sharing her photos of Rusty and Lipz with me.  I didn't have any of my own, so these are valued.  She also generously allowed me to use this wonderful photo she took of Rusty, for this cause :)

August 18, 2013 -  Yesterday the Gorilla babie was one month old!  The Zoo has still not made any updates on any of their Social Networking sites.  Not sure why there is no updates, but it has been over four weeks now since the last one, I think we are over due!

> August 10, 2013 -  Its late in the day, but still today in the States.  ... Hope everyone had a Happy World Lion Day!  This is the first year, please take a look at the link and learn more about why there needs to be an awareness day for these awesome Animals.   I'm a richer person for the experience of knowing many Great Lions, Tunya, Amanzi, Kita, Jahari, Kimani and Sukari.

As usual, the SFZoo didn't mention this on their website or Facebook Page. Guarantee there was no Lion Celebration or Awareness happening at the Zoo either.  ...  visit for more info:

> August 10, 2013 - About to post (see next entry) and realize the Zoo never posted any photos from the Popsicle event.  They finally have some fun (at least it sounds fun) Enrichments on a schedule so Visitors can enjoy the Animals receiving them and then they don't even post any photos?  I just don't get them.  

> July 31, 2013 - Sounds like a fun time for the Animals this Saturday :)   Not sure why the schedule was posted all wonky:
Animal Ice-Pop Enrichment Schedule:
Polar Bears 2:30
Otters 4:00
                    Grizzly Bears 11:30                     
Chimpanzees 2:15
Lemurs 10:15
Penguins 11:00
Indian Hornbill 2:00
Coatis 2:30
Kune Kune Pigs 3:00
Hippo 3:15

Obviously there was some challenge for the Zoo to put the schedule in chronological order, so here it is for those of you who like it to know what's what at a glance and not have to puzzle solve to figure out the order of events :) .. Its also always odd to me that they schedule things at the same time or within short time on opposite sides of the Zoo.  Some people like to see everything.  Just saying.
Animal Ice-Pop Enrichment Schedule:
Lemurs 10:15
Penguins 11:00
Grizzly Bears 11:30
Indian Hornbill 2:00
Chimpanzees 2:15
Polar Bears 2:30
Coatis 2:30
Kune Kune Pigs 3:00
Hippo 3:15
Otters 4:00

UPDATE: 8.1.13 - The Zoo fixed their schedule.  Glad I can help out once again!   

> July 29, 2013Well someplace I looked on Saturday said that day/27th was International Tiger Day. (It was not the link I posted that day).   Apparently it is the 29th/today :)  ... The story remained the same as I posted on Saturday and so we have this Global Day Greeting from the lovely Miss Shastyuh :)

> July 28, 2013 - Who turned up in a photo on abclocal (probably supplied by the Zoo itself!) ?   Their favorite Member, that's who.  Here's the photo I was taking when that photo was taken :)  Kinda cool to have it shown from both points of view. ... Check out the reverse on their site:

> July 28, 2013 -  Yesterday the Zoo held its annual Penguin Parade.  It is a joy to see those Chicks once a year, come out in public for the first time.  They are really cute.  I love that some still have a bit of buzz on them, one had a mohawk from the top of her head, half down her back.  Adorable!  ... The Zoo failed with the naming contest in my opinion.  Read what that is, more about the Chicks, photos, and a link to my video"

> July 27, 2013 - Happy International Tiger Day!   ... Here is a photo I took last week of Leanne and her Cubbie (who I call LP)!  I have been lucky to have known many wonderful Tigers who have made their home at the Zoo. Tony, Padang, Bali, Leanne, Jae-Jae, Kami Sambol, Burung, Shastyuh, Taymor and LP :) ...  Today the Zoo was all about the Penguin Parade (more on that later), so there was no mention of this there or on any of their Social Media sites :(   No surprise they don't recognize these Animal Days, which are formed to celebrate species and learn about their plights.  You can learn more here:

UPDATE:  My bad!  Its today the 29th!  Either I thought it said 27th or I thought Saturday was the 29th, who knows.  I admit my error.

> July 26, 2013 - Sad.  :(  RIP Sweet Girl.  One of the Bison who live in the Park has passed away.  I stop there often, and just photographed them the other day.  ... News information is in error.  Two (not all Eight) of the remaining Girls are from 80s births, Six are Girls that were brought in a couple years ago. ... It is sad that these lovely Grand Dames are reaching the ends of their lifespan.  I remember when they were born and being able to see them up close.  They were the last born in the Park.

> July 24, 2013 - There has still been no update from the Zoo via their website or Facebook page, in regards to the babie Gorilla. The last word was on Friday morning, five days ago.  Its very curious, considering they made the announcement that she had been born, and there was a video.  That said, while there on Monday I did hear that while all the Gorillas are interested in the babie, coming in to see it and touch it, Nneka has not shown a "mothering" interest and the Staff is taking care of her.  Further information produced that, going the way of using Bawang as surrogate would probably be what would happen if Nneka did not take interest soon.   I didn't post this because I didn't think it was my place to, until there was definite word on what the plan would be.  With still no word from the Zoo on Social Media sites, this article did come today via Google News alert, confirming the information I got.  ... I'm looking forward to seeing the babie on the video, like they did with Hasani and what I had hoped they would do with Tiger Cubbie.,0,5348306.story?track=rss

> July 20, 2013 - Zoo posted to their Facebook, "Join us this weekend at 10:30 to see our polar bears enjoy a cooling mist in the summer sun."  Another head shake move and Pike didn't even have mist.  I just don't understand.  Read more:

> July 20, 2013 -  Goat Kids got weighed today!  Rosa's Son Brooks was the leader in weights and Rita's Daughter Dakoda, two weeks younger is the smallest.  Go see them before they get full size, they are cute!

> July 20, 2013 - Gorilla birth update.  Since I posted curiosities after watching the video, as well others have seen it, I thought I would update what further information I heard.  It would be nice if the Zoo was more forth coming with information, especially considering there is a video out there, but they are always curiously veiled in secrecy.  That said, as I understand it, Nneka showed signs of labor while inside.  The troop went out and she followed.  There were Keepers inside and out, both trying to call her in and watching from outside.  ...  There has been no update from the Zoo since Friday morning, but I heard that Nneka is nursing the babie, so all appears to be well!  Hope to see the little one soon! :)

> July 19, 2013 - Still thinking about that video of the Gorilla birth.  Its curious to me that the Zoo didn't have Staff posted at the exhibit at all times during open hours on babie watch.  The person who took the video has additionally noted that Security came right after he turned his camera off and they closed the exhibit and called the Gorillas in, so thankfully not too much time passed.  Still there should have been people watching at all times.  

> July 19, 2013 -  First thing I thought when I woke up was "Hope Nneka's babie is ok" ... I don't like to promote the Zoo's stuff, so head on over to their FaceBook page to see the photo this morning.   Soooo cute!  Thankful for that :)   Babie looks great!  Yay!

> July 18, 2013 -  UG Zoo PR made another fumble with facts.  Sure its not a big deal, but it really irks me when simple things like the personal information of an Animal is not got right.  Just makes me even more curious when other things appear to not be right, as well what else that even I'm not aware of.  You can read my post:

> July 18, 2013 -  I hardly read the comments anymore, because the posters are ignorant for the most part.  Today it paid to breeze thru them as one poster witnessed the Gorilla birth and posted the link to youtube!  Over the past couple months I had wished I'd be there to witness this, but wasn't meant to be.  Too bad because the poster's Daughter kept saying shouldn't we tell the Keepers (bright girl!) and none of the adults around her seemed to think that was necessary!  HELLO YES, someone should have alerted the Keepers that this was happening on exhibit.  Plus as you can see in the footage, Nneka wasn't sure what to do.  Hopefully Staff got them in and was able to examine the babie without too much time passing.  I no longer wonder why the babie is shown in news photos in blankets instead of with its Mother.  Thankfully reports are that it is doing well.

See the video:

Zoo hasn't posted this, although they might after reading about it here!

> July 18, 2013 - Congratulations Nneka and Jonesy!   After months of babie watch, Nneka (female Gorilla) finally had her babie!  Just got this News alert.  Will be exciting to see a new little one and as she matures, a great playmate for her half-brother Hasani.   Next will be what lame name will the Zoo give the precious little girl.  

Curious quote by Zoo the Director in reference to the Gorilla Father,  “He’s given the mother the sign that it is OK to take care of the baby.”   Sounds odd to me, but I don't think I know anymore about Gorilla birthing behavior than the Director, so I may just be being cynical.  I will check with friends I know who are experts and update.  ... My expert friend thought this curious as well.  

> July 18, 2013 - Speaking of breaching barriers and doing so in a BIG way, someone breached the Savannah barrier on the parking lot side in an attempt to gain entrance to the Zoo for free.  What idiots, yes, but it goes way beyond the stupidity of this crime.  I heard about this Monday and planned an extended blog post, but haven't gotten that far.  Keep checking if interested in how this relates to other issues at the Zoo.

til then you can read the news story:

> July 18, 2013 -  Photos made me remember, that I was going to mention this.  The photo isn't interesting so I'll just note it. ...  I guess the impending birth of a Gorilla babie has prompted the Zoo to finally close off the open aired viewing platforms of the enclosure.  Last year when Zoo Visionist Terry Maples said there should be glass barriers so Visitors couldn't look down on the Gorillas, the Zoo put in glass at three of the five platforms.  Made no sense to me that they weren't all glassed off, seeing as one platform is just as much a threat as the other,  but hey, that's how the Zoo thought process rolls. ... I'm just thankful it was finally done and I don't have to see people hanging over the barrier and foreign objects being thrown in.

You can read more about Terry Maples at this link to my other blog:

>July 16, 2013 -  Today was the Goat Kids first day in the yard!  Very cute to watch them meet all the Farm Friends.  The best thing for me was the reuniting of the San Clemente Island Goat Family!  I was happy to see (now) Grandma Ramona not only meet her four grandkids, but to be reunited with her two Daughters, Rosa and Rita, the Mothers of the two sets of Twins.

You can view my video of them exploring the barnyard:

Overheard a Zoo Staffer tell someone Rosa's babies a Boy and Girl were Twins.  The someone asked, if the other two (born to Rita) were also Twins.  The Zoo Staffer looked puzzled and said she didn't know!  LOL!  The stupid things I overhear Staff say never ceases to amaze me.  .. That would be a Yes, two babies born during the same delivery are indeed Twins.  

This folks, are the type of people in charge of so many things at our Zoo.

> July 15, 2013 -  Took a week off from blogging because I felt physically ill after last Mondays Zoo Visit.  Yet again today, there was more Animal Bullying at the Farm.  A young teen chased a Duck so violently, that the Duck's foot bent backward and caused her to slide across the cement in an attempt to escape.  This kid ignored his mother who told him not to, yet didn't follow-up with another demand He only stopped because I reacted.  Yes, its not my job to monitor Visitor behavior, but its in my soul stop harm to an Animal when I see it.  This woman was more concerned that I said something to her "kid" (yes she actually reasoned that a tween was a kid/doesn't know better) than the fact that her kid was harming an Animal.  Of course the abusers didn't leave (nor were they asked to), which shows the adults are no better and this is probably why kids think this is appropriate behavior.  This also happens with both adults and youngsters trying to chase and pull out the feathers of Peacocks, as well as the the Gulls, Pigeons, and Squirrels.

I can only hope karma is following this kid and others and they one day feel what its like to be bullied.

You can read my blog post from Sunday about last Mondays witnessing of Animal Bullying and Abuse:

> July 7, 2013 - Just read that the LAZoo is taking advantage of the Food Truck Craze and building an event around it.  I had this idea for the SFZoo over a year ago.  With Food Trucks all over SF and with no proper space on the westend, using the Zoo parking lot would be beneficial to both the Vendors and the Zoo.  One day a month the Zoo should keep the front end (Chimps/Savannah/Gorillas) open til 8p (with a minimal entrance fee) and have the Vendors in the Lot starting at 6p.  I think it would be a big success!   

> July 6, 2013 - Uploaded a video from yesterday of Ulu (Polar Bear) being fed thru a new fence that allows the public to watch her being hand fed (using tongs).  This is another thing (besides the size bonus) that I like about the new Grotto.  

 View from public side
of new fence

What it looks like 
to be on the other side. 
Me feeding Ulu :) - 2010 

> July 5, 2013 -  Also seen at Gorillas, ...  I love this!  I have seen Jonesy going face to face with the peoples on almost every visit in the past few weeks.  I think he's sweet and misunderstood :)

> July 5, 2013 - Crossed paths with Docent Chris Shuttlesworth twice today.  First at Ulu (Female Polar Bear), where I overheard her refer to Ulu as "him" to her tour group.  Then I saw her with another group, coming from Gorillas, where I'm pretty sure it is still a rule that Docents aren't supposed to go to Gorillas.  Always amazes me the the Zoo "pets" are often oooh'd and awe's over and most don't even know which animal is which, don't follow the rules and i'll even throw in that they aren't even helpful as an extra set of eye's on the grounds.

> July 5, 2013 -  Screen-capped this late last night (from the Zoo website) and then sent to friends to make sure I wasn't seeing things lol!  Not sure who cropped the photo of the Goat Kid, but WHAT is that, an extra ear?  a unicorn horn?  good grief lol!  

UPDATE:  A friend just told me its been changed.  So, folks no Unicorns at the Farm.  Silly Zoo peeps.

> July 4, 2013 - Well, well.  The Zoo has posted a video of Ulu going into her new home.  Its  wonderful piece because I love Ulu and am very happy for her!  BUT Debbie Marrin-Towey, Assistant Carnivore Curator who speaks on the video is such a hypocrite!  Hearing her talk about how exciting it is for everyone, because its going to improve the quality of life (for the Polars) makes me want to vomit.  When I was on my crusade to get the Andean Bear just a patch of grass/soft surface she point blank told me, "He doesn't need it" and  "He told me he didn't want grass", then laughing, like to was funny that he lived on concrete most of his life AND knowing that he had bone issues from such an existence.  Hey Debbie, what about the quality of Wishbone's life?  

ADDED ...  I should have also included this link

> July 4, 2013 -  Happy 4th of July! ... Holiday Enrichments at the Zoo from when my friend Lee and I made Toys for the Cats!  

> July 3, 2013 - I met some Volunteers who were out at the Big Cats with a Binder of photos and some of the plastic toy items used for Enrichment.  I like this idea and the photos were wonderful.  I just wish there were more recent ones and that the Zoo would be doing "obvious" Enrichment in the way of made and themed toys (so its a visual thing for visitors to understand) while the Volunteers were out there.  ... The Zoo noted that the Animals would get Holiday themed Enrichment tomorrow, let's hope they actually do and that there are photos posted of it!

> July 3, 2013 - Today I saw Ulu in her new "Mt Ulu" home.  I was very happy to see her in the pool!  Check back for my full report which I will link from my other blog soon (hopefully today)!

> July 2, 2013 - Yesterday's visit presented the finished product of the renovation on the Bear Grottos.  Expanding Ulu's home.  For me, its quite a let down.  Not what I imagined at all and not at all what it could have been.  I did a full length blog post on my other blog, have a look and read:

> July 1, 2013 - Interesting Enrichment? Hope the Chimps got some Rainbow colored Icee Treats too!


 I have a Chimp Pride Design in my Cafe Press Store if anyone's interested :)  It features Cobby!

>June 29, 2013 - I had planned to do a longer version post, but not sure I will have time today.  So I post this synopsis and video.  I sure hope that an Animal with this much fur, in this heat, is being rotated to the neighboring Grotto so she can have access to a Pool, in addition to being able to get cleaned off. 

> June 29, 2013 - Just saw a post on Sacramento Zoo's Facebook Page of Sumatran Tiger Emerson in his pool.  Emerson is the Brother of our Taymor/Larry.  Taymor is often without water in his pool, for what reason I have no idea.  Hopefully on this HOT day it is filled.  Wednesday the 19th it was not.

> June 29, 2013 - Its another HOT one!  Third day in a row.  Sure hope there are NO DOGS in cars in the Zoo Parking Lot!  That goes for today and any other day!  I hope that me posting about this, has changed the Zoo's policy of turning a blind eye to this behavior.

> June 28, 2013 - Sitting in the sun, I remember my visit yesterday.  So many areas of dryness, that were once green.  Does the Zoo water anywhere besides the Savannah and possibly the Gorillas?  Because that is where I see most of the green.  This photo shows the disgrace of the old Eland exhibit, which continues back behind the fence where poor Houdini the hidden Duiker Son is exiled.  I am not even going to point out the danger of having dried brush is, the Zoo should know better to not let this happen and especially in areas where there are Animals living.

> June 27, 2013 - Happy Birthday Tatiana!  You are not forgotten.  RIP   ...   You can view Tatiana's Nieces and Nephews born in 2010 to her Brother Waldemere and his lady Kosha.  I hope Tatiana's spirit lives on in one of them :)

> June 22, 2013  -   Great news this morning out of the Sacramento Zoo!  While yes, the catalyst for this blog it to highlight the SFZoo Fails,  it comes from my passion for the Animals.   I am beyond happy this morning to report that the Sacramento Zoo's Male Sumatran Tiger, Castro, who has had some health issues in the past months, has gotten great reviews after his check-up yesterday!  Castro is the Father of our Taymor/Larry, Father of Skylar/Leanne's Cub/Jillian.  Yay Castro!   Sending Love and Prayers to you, beautiful boy!   Thank you to the SacZoo Staff for doing all you can for him.  You can read more about his check-up, health issues and journey:

> June 21, 2013  -  This is the inaugural post for this new commentary style venture.   SO, today is opening day for the new movie Monsters University.   I know you are asking, "What does this have to do with the Zoo?"  ...  Three years ago in the spring of 2010,  I lent two of my VHS tapes of cartoon movies to Primate Keeper (now Asst Curator of Primates) Jill Andrews, for the Mandrills to watch.  Monsters Inc. was one of them.  We had a conversation that this was a loan and since I had so many, I would rotate them two at a time.   Months went by with no mention from her.  I asked and she was like oh I'll get them next time.  Bullshit, I never saw them again.  Flat out thievery!   ...  After a certain point I just considered it a donation and that's fine, its not a costly thing.  Its a principle thing, which is in turn a character thing.  So, Miss Jill, if anyone ever steals something from you, that's karma biting your ass.

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